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Posted: July 4, 2013 in writing
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She was on the plane to La Paz
When she told me she loved me and she’d
See me later

I asked if she was crazy
I hadn’t spoken to her in weeks
And now she was just going to up and leave

She asked me not to be mad

I told her I wasn’t, just lonely and to
Have a good time

She said I’ll bring you back a little
Indigenous Latin boy or girl

I said that’ll do and I love you too


Posted: June 6, 2013 in writing
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We’re dying
We lay still, but the room is spinning
With smiles on our faces, our tears fill the room
In our tight embrace lit by the moon
This is our first hello
This is our last goodbye
This wasn’t love
Cause neither of us tried

I went to a wedding with a good friend of mine
It was the second wedding I’d ever been to
The first when I was nine

It went how weddings usually go
Boringly lovey dovey
Luckily it didn’t last too long

Before I had time to object to the marriage
We were already at the reception hall
An ear to ear smile on my face
When I heard the words open bar

My friend and I, as well as some of the family
Began to take bets on how long these two would last
Will someone cheat
Will money be an issue
She hates kids, but he wants a family

The food was good though nowhere near enough
So I made good friends with the bartender
And tipped him probably way too much
That’s all I remember the night was a blur


Posted: April 16, 2013 in writing
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We sat for weeks on end
Outside your home
Permanent patch on your lawn
Somewhere something
Inside of me clicked off
Did you see it, I thought not
As now I stand staring at
Our patch on your lawn
In wonderment
Why cant I turn back on
I feel what you’re feeling
But my hearts gone
You tried to make it pretty
Putting a flower bed around it
That made it worse
For now I can’t stand it
Yet i still love you
So now I’ll often visit
Our patch on your lawn
Just to come despise it
In hopes someday it will be gone
In hopes someday I’ll turn back on
I couldn’t see a damn thing
Occasionally a figure would appear
Ahead and behind me
I couldn’t ever catch up
I tried to slow down
My pace evened
I can’t remember if you went with me
I’m sure I was alone
I always enjoyed the sunrise
Even though the birds would yell at me to sleep
I preferred unicorns over counting sheep
I’ll take a break, But I must wake her in an hour