Saturday Morning Fun #2

Posted: January 5, 2013 in short stories, writing
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The park was empty. A big white blanket, designed with scattered shoe and paw prints. It was three in the morning, and Addy was going for her nightly stroll. With her roommate out-of-town and Leigh her lone visitor tonight, leaving an hour beforehand; Addy was alone tonight. Tonight she was wide awake. In her peripheral, Addy caught the shadow of an animal. “Probably a coon”, she assumed. Continuing her walk, she picked up a broken branch amidst her travels. She drags it along in the snow beside her. Now in the sky Addy caught a glance of a dark figure. Surveying her surroundings and aware of there always being ‘more’ “No screams, and its beyond witching hour” she told herself curiously. Addy had to do a double take. Staring up beyond what clouds were there, just as she had caught the figure, it disappeared. She acclaimed wholeheartedly to the silent world “My first dragon”. Small and dark, but clear as day when it shouldn’t be, looking unnaturally fitting in the atmosphere. Pondering, she took in all she saw again, trying to remember what she can. Addy knew no one would believe her when she’d tell them the sight she’d seen. But she knew what she saw and that was all that mattered.



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