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June and Wesley switch places at the table.
Reynold (22, pushover) looks up from the cards.

What are y’all doing?
Switching up, the fuck it look
But I don’t know if –
Shut up and deal.

Reynold deals the next hand.

June and Wesley take turns as their chips continue to stack up.
There are only six people left playing.
Wesley is on the table.
Reynold flips the River card. Wesley takes the pot.

Alright lets keep this shit going.
Don’t you think we should maybe
stop? We have enough for rent.
Naw man, we can’t just quit the
game. Besides maybe we can make
enough for next months rent too ya

June looks uneasy, but silently agrees.

Well then, lets keep these cards

The Lottery Ticket After losing their rent money in a poker game, two roommates put their hope in a new game of chance.

The Awkward Turtle the full story of the adventure these two friends take road tripping to Vegas meeting a nationwide serial killer.

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A documentarian takes her reclusive best friend on an adventure to live.

A Short Film Script

Low Budget (Can be made for $100,000 $10,000 or $1000)

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It was 2:50 when the school bells rang. Cassidy slumped in his seat, as the rest of the class heralded to the door. Kyle and Brad stood in the middle of the bathroom awaiting their victims arrival. Jeremy and Tom entered the boys room, holding Cassidy down. “There’s our man of the hour” said Kyle. Brad gave him a slap on the cheek. “We’ve been waiting for your presence all day, haven’t we boys. Ready Jeremy?” Cassidy cries out “Please don’t-” Kyle drowns Cassidy’s voice out with that of his own “And the award goes to”. Jeremy and Kyle dunk Cassidy’s head into the toilet.

Saturday Morning Fun #4

Posted: January 3, 2015 in short stories, writing
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As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back behind her. The raccoon had stopped it’s pursuit, more or less to taunt her. It stared into her eyes. She almost wanted to cry. It seemed to smile before taking to sprint after her again.  It was less than ten feet away when it gave up its chase. Instead it choose to remember the location of its future victim’s current escape. Making it into her home, she let her previously held back tears fall. She was safe, for now.

Don’t Feed The Birds

Posted: December 2, 2014 in scripts, writing
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Eh, Don’t Feed The Birds..

Something short and sweet. But feel free to let me know what you think.

bloody head rush.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in writing
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there’s a dent in the far east corner of the wall
in my bedroom, weeks after the insatiable comment
you stayed, and roped me into the worst drama
the best drama, my least favorite person
will always be the same, unlike the headaches
you’ve given me, those reasons change
unlike that dent, am I bleeding?

Brass Web Series Pilot- #1 Knuckles

Here is the ‘pilot’ script for a web series I started writing this summer.