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These are my little cousins way back in 2012 when they were actually little.

kidswriting02 2012_07_17_15_16_27

I had my camera and they had new legos. So naturally I asked if they wanted to make a movie. And of course they absolutely did, jumping at the opportunity. They even wrote a script for it, together. And recorded their own voiceovers. Please enjoy this fruitless labor of the then 10 and 8 year olds.




It was 2:50 when the school bells rang. Cassidy slumped in his seat, as the rest of the class heralded to the door. Kyle and Brad stood in the middle of the bathroom awaiting their victims arrival. Jeremy and Tom entered the boys room, holding Cassidy down. “There’s our man of the hour” said Kyle. Brad gave him a slap on the cheek. “We’ve been waiting for your presence all day, haven’t we boys. Ready Jeremy?” Cassidy cries out “Please don’t-” Kyle drowns Cassidy’s voice out with that of his own “And the award goes to”. Jeremy and Kyle dunk Cassidy’s head into the toilet.