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bloody head rush.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in writing
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there’s a dent in the far east corner of the wall
in my bedroom, weeks after the insatiable comment
you stayed, and roped me into the worst drama
the best drama, my least favorite person
will always be the same, unlike the headaches
you’ve given me, those reasons change
unlike that dent, am I bleeding?



Posted: April 16, 2013 in writing
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We sat for weeks on end
Outside your home
Permanent patch on your lawn
Somewhere something
Inside of me clicked off
Did you see it, I thought not
As now I stand staring at
Our patch on your lawn
In wonderment
Why cant I turn back on
I feel what you’re feeling
But my hearts gone
You tried to make it pretty
Putting a flower bed around it
That made it worse
For now I can’t stand it
Yet i still love you
So now I’ll often visit
Our patch on your lawn
Just to come despise it
In hopes someday it will be gone
In hopes someday I’ll turn back on

Tiger Glass

Posted: March 10, 2013 in writing
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As terrifying as they see me
admittedly  I see myself worse,
yet no harm is ever meant.
We’re both frightened,
we both run.
Towards nothing, not a thing.
Dissimilar in appearance,
yet our minds the same, equally.
I’m not afraid, you’re courageous;
I’m caged, and we’re all bottled in;
View another day, calling in sick;
This one’s not so great.