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I started skateboarding in 2002. I bought my first skateboard from Modell’s the summer before starting high school with my Jr High graduation money. It was Spongebob Squarepants. I wasn’t even a fan of Spongebob but damn did I love the fuck out of that terribly shitty board. I learned ollies and shuv its on that board. But I quickly outgrown it’s cheap materials. Getting pieces to create a new set up from my friend (and technically the only skate crew I ever add), better known now to most people as Michael Trapson.

I’d been making short videos/home movies on my grandfather’s old cameras for years. But the 2000’s introduced digital media to me, and my grandfather bought “us” a little pocket digital camera. It didn’t have a screen. You couldn’t expand the storage. And the megapixels were for sure in the single digits, possibly under five even. But that camera became my new best friend. And I took it everywhere including school.

After I learned a couple tricks on my skateboard I of course wanted to start filming my own lines (yes, even I had dreams of going professional, don’t laugh at me I do it enough). And so I did. This is one of the few videos that remain from that era in my life, my first skateboard video. It’s awesome to see how far I’ve progressed even if it might not seem like much to others. My ollie is actually full inches instead of centimeters off the ground now. I’ve even ollied off of stuff. And that is fucking exciting.

My tag back then was dp or drunken psychopath. It’s a Gilmore Girls reference.

Menikmati is my favorite skate film.


Ethan rides his skateboard down the long and crowded Manhattan street. West 28th st in Chelsea, to be exact. In his battered dark jeans and faded black V-Neck, he stops at an intersection. Hopping off his board, he looks across the street.

There she was.

Often he would notice her sitting outside the same bar night after night, usually a cigarette in hand. He started traveling this way more just to get longer glances and find out more about her by watching her, listening to her phone conversations. He often wondered why she would drink so often alone. He often wondered when he would get the nerve to say ‘hello’. Removing himself from the street corner, he posted himself up against the wall of a nearby building.

Intrigued by his weird reevaluation of direction, her eyes are drawn to watch the skateboarding stranger. She’d recently decided it was her favorite place to ‘people watch’.

Ethan puts some weed in a small pipe. He smokes it and relaxes into his mind.

“Alright, this is the day” he thought.
A second hit, and he suddenly was aware that the girl was now watching him.
“Shit, that’s not enough”.
Ethan reaches into his backpack for his flask. He takes a long hard swallow.
“Okay, here I go.”
Putting the flask back into his bag, he drops them both.

The girl had crossed the street and is standing right in front of him as he straightens out.
He lets out a startled mumble of “Um, hi”.

“I like your style, I’m Anna”.