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Ethan rides his skateboard down the long and crowded Manhattan street. West 28th st in Chelsea, to be exact. In his battered dark jeans and faded black V-Neck, he stops at an intersection. Hopping off his board, he looks across the street.

There she was.

Often he would notice her sitting outside the same bar night after night, usually a cigarette in hand. He started traveling this way more just to get longer glances and find out more about her by watching her, listening to her phone conversations. He often wondered why she would drink so often alone. He often wondered when he would get the nerve to say ‘hello’. Removing himself from the street corner, he posted himself up against the wall of a nearby building.

Intrigued by his weird reevaluation of direction, her eyes are drawn to watch the skateboarding stranger. She’d recently decided it was her favorite place to ‘people watch’.

Ethan puts some weed in a small pipe. He smokes it and relaxes into his mind.

“Alright, this is the day” he thought.
A second hit, and he suddenly was aware that the girl was now watching him.
“Shit, that’s not enough”.
Ethan reaches into his backpack for his flask. He takes a long hard swallow.
“Okay, here I go.”
Putting the flask back into his bag, he drops them both.

The girl had crossed the street and is standing right in front of him as he straightens out.
He lets out a startled mumble of “Um, hi”.

“I like your style, I’m Anna”.

It’s a late summer evening, on a busy city street; Chelsea is yelling at her phone. Not to someone on the other line, just at her phone. “You stupid piece of shit phone! I never even wanted you! What a mistake you were! Fuck you mobile!” Only the small amount of tourist pay any real attention to her. Drunk students laugh as she passes by.

Fed up, Chelsea launches her phone in no particular direction. Where it lands, it lands with a crash of broken glass; A window of a small bar. Chelsea books it in her high heeled boots to the next nearest bar. It’s not like anyone really noticed her, she just needed to leave the scene of the crime she figured. “Right?” she thought. Sitting at the bar now. She waits her turn. “What can I get for ya?” the Bartender asks. “Something dark, with little ice” Chelsea replied holding her head in her hands. “You want to be a little more specific?”

“She’ll take a double shot of SoCo,” Helen told the bartender. She sat just a stool away from Chelsea. Chelsea closed the gap after the bartender made her drink. “You’re sweet” Chelsea told Helen after looking her over and deciding she was more than handsome enough. “Amongst other things” Helen answered. Mildly surprised Chelsea toyed with the idea of Helen’s body on hers; she chuckled.

“I like you.”

“I’m Helen.”

Chelsea held up her finger  and mouthed “hold on”. She drained her double shot. And got the attention of the bartender for another round. “I’m Chelsea,” she said, holding out her hand. Helen shook it. “So what’s got a pretty girl like you so down?” “I can’t remember where I parked my vespa, so let’s not talk about me. Lets talk about your outfit. What’s with the costume?” “It’s not, I’m in the Navy.” Helen told Chelsea  “You are not”, realizing she probably is considering it was fleet week she adds “Will you marry me?”

“You’re adorable. Tell you what, lets hold off on the wedding vows and just exchange numbers.”

Chelsea was hooked. She reached  into her pocket, only to remember exactly where she put her phone just moments before.

“How about email addresses?”