Vlogs are the new home videos and I’ve been making home videos since I first learned how to use my grandfather’s old VHS camera. One of my first ‘films’ then entitled ‘Four Boys and a Couch’ and ‘Snow Dayz’ now long lost but never forgotten. Thanks goodness we have the internet now, or specifically YouTube.

These are a series of home videos by me ‘These Are Not Vlogs’ a vlog series.



This probably isn’t the most comprehensive list just because I know there are plenty of projects I’ve just ‘forgotten’ about over the years. But I’ll try to keep this as updated as possible.

It’s All Good – August 2015, Music Video
Clerks – December 2006, Scene Reenactment, Acted as part of Cigarette Rally

A Valentine – November 2017, Short Film, Writer/Director/Editor
Bitten – September 2017, Short Film, Editor
Flesh – October 2016, Short Film, Editor
Would You Be My Friend – May 2008, Short Film, Director, Co-Writer, Editor
Filmmaker: Brian Baker – May 2008, Promo Interview, Editor
Blow – February 2008, Experimental Video, Videographer, Editor
Montage – December 2007, Short Film, Writer, Director of Photography
90 Percent – November 2007, Short Film, Writer, Director, Editor
Two Knuckleheads and an XL2 – October 2007, Short Film, Writer, Director, Editor
Garbage Gifts – October 2007, Short Film, Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Editor
In The Studio – April 2007, Studio Show, Writer, Producer
Introducing Heidi – March 2007, Interview Piece, Writer, Producer

Bedhead VS – Jan/Feb 2015, Casting Assistant
Reflection – Sept 2013 – Aug 2015, Short Film, Associate Producer, Assistant Editor
End Game – March 2009 – October 2009, Feature Film, Assistant Editor
Comedy Net – June 2008, Live Comedy Show, Production Assistant
Scum – November 2008, Short Film, Production Assistant
10K Mole Promo – September 2008, Promotional Video, Production Manager, Editor
Cork – April 2008, Short Film, Script Supervisor, 2nd Assistant Director
11:11 – February 2008 – April 2008, Short Film, Production Assistant
Ghost Eye Tree – December 2007-February 2008, Short Film, Set PA/Craft Services
Death Note – November 2007, Short Film, Set PA
4 Minutes – October 2007, Short Film, Production Assistant
Sunshine – May 2007, Short Film, Production Assistant
Mortal Fu – March 2007, Short Film, Writer, Production Designer
Presents – March 2007, Studio News Show, Writer, Audio 1

Japanese Society – June 2015, Dance Performance, Camera Operator
N/A – Music Video, May 2015, Grip
The 39 Days – May 2015, Short Film, Key Grip
Mee Productions – June 2010, Health Commercial, Camera Assistant
LO over VE – May 2010, Short Film, Camera Assistant/Audio Recorder
Carrie Z TV – June 2009, NYC Reality Show, Videographer, Editor
Dad Vail Regatta – May 2009, Live Crewing Event, Logger, Camera Assistant
Four Minutes – Apirl 2009 – May 2009, Short Film, Camera PA
Follow Focus – October 2008, Camera Assistant
NY Jazz All Stars – April 2008, Second Assistant Camera
John Lennon Performance Tribute – October 2006, Music Concert, Camera Operator, Floor Manager
Got A Light? – September 2006, Short Film, Assistant Camera
Drag – November 2007, Short Film, Second Assistant Camera
Pick Up The Phone – October 2007, 3 Commercials, Camera Operator
Whiskey Horse – October 2007, Short Film, Crew (Grip/Electric)
Choir and Chorus – May 2007, Concert, Lighting Engineer, Audio
Jazz Orchestra and Ensemble – May 2007, Concert, Camera Operator
Skittles Commercial – February 2007, Set Decorator, Gaffer
After Mass – December 2006 – March 2007, Short Film, B Camera Operator, Camera Assistant, Grip
Two Old Chaps – December 2006, Silent Film, Camera Assistant
Johnny Can’t Two Step – November 2006, Music Video, Second Assistant Camera, B-Roll Camera Operator
Converting Vegetarians – November 2006, Silent Film, Camera Assistant

June and Wesley switch places at the table.
Reynold (22, pushover) looks up from the cards.

What are y’all doing?
Switching up, the fuck it look
But I don’t know if –
Shut up and deal.

Reynold deals the next hand.

June and Wesley take turns as their chips continue to stack up.
There are only six people left playing.
Wesley is on the table.
Reynold flips the River card. Wesley takes the pot.

Alright lets keep this shit going.
Don’t you think we should maybe
stop? We have enough for rent.
Naw man, we can’t just quit the
game. Besides maybe we can make
enough for next months rent too ya

June looks uneasy, but silently agrees.

Well then, lets keep these cards

The Lottery Ticket After losing their rent money in a poker game, two roommates put their hope in a new game of chance.

The Awkward Turtle the full story of the adventure these two friends take road tripping to Vegas meeting a nationwide serial killer.

Email ChanceCreatedIt@gmail.com to read/produce.

I started skateboarding in 2002. I bought my first skateboard from Modell’s the summer before starting high school with my Jr High graduation money. It was Spongebob Squarepants. I wasn’t even a fan of Spongebob but damn did I love the fuck out of that terribly shitty board. I learned ollies and shuv its on that board. But I quickly outgrown it’s cheap materials. Getting pieces to create a new set up from my friend (and technically the only skate crew I ever add), better known now to most people as Michael Trapson.

I’d been making short videos/home movies on my grandfather’s old cameras for years. But the 2000’s introduced digital media to me, and my grandfather bought “us” a little pocket digital camera. It didn’t have a screen. You couldn’t expand the storage. And the megapixels were for sure in the single digits, possibly under five even. But that camera became my new best friend. And I took it everywhere including school.

After I learned a couple tricks on my skateboard I of course wanted to start filming my own lines (yes, even I had dreams of going professional, don’t laugh at me I do it enough). And so I did. This is one of the few videos that remain from that era in my life, my first skateboard video. It’s awesome to see how far I’ve progressed even if it might not seem like much to others. My ollie is actually full inches instead of centimeters off the ground now. I’ve even ollied off of stuff. And that is fucking exciting.

My tag back then was dp or drunken psychopath. It’s a Gilmore Girls reference.

Menikmati is my favorite skate film.



“An avant-garde horror mash-up that follows a Black woman’s journey in destroying harmful habits. Internalized racism, misogyny and eurocentrism are topics discussed in this fast-paced ‘horror short’.”


This October in Philadelphia during the Eastern State Penitentiary’s Halloween fundraiser Terror Behind The Walls I met Chicago native Monika Estrella Negra; a filmmaker for Audre’s Revenge Films and founder of the Chicago Black & Brown Punk Show Collective. We immediately decided we should work together on future projects and so did. I became the editor for their short film ‘FLESH’.

Monika had wrote and directed this film; this showed through the footage they presented me with. The clips were organized by scene and corresponded greatly to the script. The script was in general an excellent blueprint in understanding the direction of the visuals, which of course made for better editing. They also had the perfect selection of music for the soundtrack to help convey the story; putting emphasis on the main character’s culture and it’s representation in this film via society.

There was a rather tight deadline of two weeks considering Monika had set up a Halloween premiere of the film. And that was actually more like five days for editing because of work at TBTW and elsewhere.; we were only able to work on the edit on the weekend, the ones before and during Halloween.

Flesh was edited on Adobe Premiere 6. We spent that last night before Halloween finishing the edit; and basically all of Halloween day exporting it. I delivered the final export not half an hour before the play button was pressed.

I may not think it’s perfect because every time I see something I made after the fact I will inherently find some mistake I missed or step skipped. However I do think this a wonderful film; relate-able on many levels, shown from a personal perspective not often seen and generally enjoyable. Essentially an all around awesome piece of work.

If you have Amazon Prime you can see the movie for free, or otherwise rent it.


Also be sure to visit and support Audre’s Revenge


Flame Con 2

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Videos
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The second annual Flame Con has come and gone and it was indeed a blast. Who knew they could top last year’s introductory bash? Because they did and more! Not only was the venue much larger (the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn), the con has expanded itself into two days. That’s two full fucking days of queer nerd love.

This year’s gaming room held a Super Sized Connect Four so I took a few moments to show off my skill.

I also got to enjoy a rather nostalgic set of songs performed by the super talented acapella group Choir Fly.

Buy Your Tickets for Next Year’s Flame Con Here!

A documentarian takes her reclusive best friend on an adventure to live.

A Short Film Script

Low Budget (Can be made for $100,000 $10,000 or $1000)

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